There are still hundreds of children being held captive away from their parents but we no longer know where they are. Because of that, I urge you to shift your focus from this vigil to the midterm election.

Hey folks - Rain Perry here. Here's an update on Every Child Returned and a new tactic.

For the last month, I've been trying without success to get information about where the remaining children are being held. And then this week, we learn that there are more like 12,000 children being detained in camps.

So I have decided that Job One is to vote out the people who are facilitating this evil policy. I am focusing all my energy on getting out the vote and I urge every one of you to do the same.

Here's my personal strategy. Please do what makes sense to you in your neck of the woods.

We have a good chance at retaking the house. The Senate is a long shot but it's possible.

So I'm traveling to Texas from 10/26-11/3 to get out the vote for Beto O'Rourke in an effort to unseat Ted Cruz. Then I'm coming home to California. I live in a safe district, so I plan on spending the few days before the election - and election day - getting out the vote and driving people to the polls in a neighboring contested district.

I encourage you to read Hillary's urgent piece in the Atlantic today and to make arrangements to do everything you can to take back Congress.


How This Works

what to do

Thank you for taking time out of your life to sit in. Our goal is to have at least one person in front of every facility that was placing/housing children who were separated from their families by Trump’s inhumane border policy every moment until every child is returned.

Take an hour, or several, go to one of the facilities on the list, and sit in vigil in front. do this weekly if you can, and get your friends to do it too.


  • This is not a rally. It's a vigil. We are not protesting the facilities themselves or the people who work there, but the policy that has caused them to take care of kids who have been taken from their parents.

  • Many of these facilities are doing excellent and difficult work, though some are not.

  • We are not there to interfere with the operation of these facilities or harass anyone who works there.

  • Our goal is to be a visible reminder that there are children right here who have been taken far away from their parents and they should be returned.

Here are some pointers about what to bring and what to do.


  • A friend

    • It’s safer, especially at night

    • You may encounter people who disagree with you

    • You may need to take a bathroom break

    • Two people are just as powerful as a crowd. The point is to be a visible symbol that the families are still separated.

  • Chair

  • Water & snacks

  • Sunscreen & umbrella for day, jacket & blanket for night

  • Signs - here are some ideas

    • #EveryChildReturned

    • #KeepFamiliesTogether

    • #FamiliesBelongTogether

    • Where are the children now?

  • Balloons, stuffed animals, toys, candles at night

  • Phone and extra battery pack for phone

  • Pre-stamped voter registration forms for your state (just in case anyone needs one!)

Important rules:

  • Park legally.

  • Stay on the public sidewalk and don’t impede foot or vehicle traffic.

  • If someone asks you to leave, explain you have a First Amendment right to express your opinion in a public place.

  • If someone threatens to call the police, tell them you accept that.

  • If someone does call the police, tell the police the same thing.

  • Here’s a handy pocket guide from the ACLU about your right to demonstrate.

  • If someone from the facility says they are not housing or placing separated children, say that multiple press outlets (Pro Publica, Washington Post, USA Today, are reporting that they do.

  • Be respectful.

  • Explain that you appreciate the work they are doing to care for these kids and that your protest is about the policy itself.

  • If someone makes a strong argument that they really don’t have these kids there anymore, tell them you are going to confirm, but will stay. Then contact us using the contact form and we will see what we can learn.

Spread the word

Share pictures of your vigil on social media using the hashtag #EveryChildReturned.