Hey folks - Rain Perry here. Here's an update on Every Child Returned.

Hey folks - Rain Perry here. Here's an update on Every Child Returned.

When this policy first came to light, diligent reporters researched and published lists of the dozens of locations across the country where separated children had been shipped. Those lists were the basis for this political action, but those lists are no longer accurate.

Thousands of children remain separated, and the government did not keep track of them.

We urge you to call, write, visit your elected representatives and apply continuous pressure to get the kids back with their families. And please support the work of RAICES and Families Belong Together and watch for events on June 29th.



There are lots of upcoming actions scheduled: phone campaigns, marches and sit-ins. This is all good and we should attend all of them. What makes change happen is sustained unrest. There are also many groups doing heroic work at the border and all across the country that need your support. Here's a good list. Here's another one.

Every Child Returned is a quiet vigil that, as a mom who lost her own mother at a young age, I feel compelled to do. If it feels right to join me, please do and please spread the word.


You may know about the Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina. This was the group of mothers and grandmothers whose children were disappeared by the government in the 1970s and who bravely stood in the Plaza de Mayo to protest. Their persistent presence in a public space shamed the government and kept international attention on the human rights crisis in their community.

Because of excellent investigative reporting by multiple press outlets, we are beginning to learn the names of the facilities housing children who have been separated by inhumane Trump administration policies.

Our Mission

As long as kids are sitting in detention miles away from their parents, we will keep the pressure on, and show they are not forgotten, by sitting where they are.

Fellow parents and friends: take a shift and sit in vigil until every child is returned.

Learn how it works.

who's organizing this action?

My name is Rain Perry, and I'm a singer-songwriter and a mom who is horrified at the policy of separating children from their parents with no plan to return them. So I researched major press reporting and made this website as a way for people of conscience across the country to keep attention on until the families are reunited.